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Here is the list of Roblox administration commands

Roblox, a massive free multiplayer online game, is advertised as a “user-generated” game site. Essentially, Roblox makes you the architect of your virtual world, allowing you and thousands of other players to create and interact with the construction content in the game using a core of components.

As a result of the game’s performance, community activities and ethical behavior, some Roblox players serve as administrators. As an administrator, you can run the game by altering the scripts. Knowledge of texts and the LUA programming language is required to execute administration commands.

Positive effects of the player

To bring a new player to the server, use the administrator command “respawn / player name].” The “Ff / [player name]” and “shield / [player name]” commands give players defensive force fields, the first of which can be removed with “unff / [player name]”.You can give the gamers all the tools they need with the command “givetools / [player name],” if you want you can provide to the gamer a bunch of tools in Roblox Starter Pack, or give specific elements with “give / [player name] / [item name].” “God / [player name]” acts as the final positive effect, giving the player multiple powers.

Negative effects of the player

By typing “removetools / [player name]” you can delete all tools that players have collected. The command “zombify / [player name]” Turns the player with questions into a zombie adept of poisoning other players while the “freeze / [player name]” freezes the players instead.

“Thaw / [player name]” reverses the last consequence. You can generate a jail cell circulating the player with “jail / [player name]” and erase it with “unjail / [player name].” “Explode / [player name]” it can cause the player to detonate and “kill / [player name]” deals with the last player’s damage by killing him.

It is just for fun

You can act as a virtual joker with “trip / [player name]” for a Roblox player to fall or the “sit / [player name]” command line for a player to sit down. The administration command script “sparkles / [player name], adds useless, but nice flashes to a player. Remove the flashes with “unsparkles / [player name]”.

The “merge / [player name] / [different player name]” command gives control to the first listed player of the second listed player while the similar “control / [player name]” puts you in control of the player.

Utility Commands you can use

Some Roblox administration commands allow you to perform tasks that have some utility in the game. For example, “m / [text]” displays a text message on the screen that is visible to all players.. you can type “maxplayers / [number]” and sets a perimeter on the supreme number of players allowed on the server, while “shutdown” turns off the server.

“Punish / [player name]” administers a warning in Roblox of the system of three alerts for players with bad behavior. “Adminlist” provides you with all the names of all administrators and “admincommandlist” that serves you as a useful reminder, performing a list of all available commands.