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Roblox becomes the online game with the most teenage users

Teenagers from half the world have made it their own through mouth, ear and today are already a titan that exceeds 2,500 million euros. This is Roblox, the multiplayer game that has some avatars with a certain resemblance to the Lego although the overall appearance of the game is reminiscent of Minecraft.

But calling it a game falls short because it’s really a great gaming platform.

Delve into the worlds of Roblox and start playing

Roblox is therefore the world where children get used to video games, they are part of communities where they can let new actors in and out and create their own worlds.

To do this you have to download the game and go to make the user registration, just give the nickname, password and a date of birth. These steps should always be done accompanied by the supervision of an adult, but in any case the content that will be accessed will be based on the age of birth.

Then you have to create your own avatar and you are given the toolbox in which to store your belongings -those that are going to be acquired-, because from this point you can create games within them and do it is very simple. With pieces similar to those of Lego, the own worlds are created that can be shared with other users.

Robux, the game currency can also be obtained for free

Expeditions in caves or looking for rivers in arid deserts can be one of the many and infinite games that can be played in Roblox. But no world is possible if you do not have the currency of the game, the Robux and how can it be otherwise.

The tricks and hacks are easy to carry out and those who use them most are the parents. Many media have fed the idea that Roblox is the platform that many teenagers seek to earn money by creating their own video games. The question is whether this is the case or is it just about generating expectation.

In most cases, young people just want to entertain themselves and if there is this idea of ​​wanting to make money, this would be encouraged by the adults around them. The possibility is there because the children are learning to use the Roblox Studios tool and when they have managed to carry out a good game they publish it and can monetize it.

The platform in which to make money with the designs of the games themselves

The fact is that there are specific data of boys over 18 who can live working full time for Roblox and the worlds they create on the platform, although Roblox is not the only platform on which even minors can win money with the games they design.

At this point network experts insist that this early commercialism can only give children a wrong idea of ​​the real vital twists that being economically compensated for developing a game may think that everything in the world is “honey on chips”. Parents or guardians must always be behind all these actions, while Roblox is ahead, offering a dream world to its users.