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Roblox The video game that could be your next endeavor

Roblox is a game that has already surfaced and today has millions of users around the world.

The recruitment of users began in 2006 with Adwords campaigns on Google. In its first version, ROBLOX was played using a PC. In these days 50 people visited the site, and very few stayed to play in it. Nevertheless, those few users assisted in testing the numerous structures of the game and increasing it.

Baszucki and Cassel saw on YouTube an excellent platform to spread their platform and began to reward users who created videos of their games with financial incentives in robots. People reacted, and the platform started to vitalize.

But when ROBLOX exploded it was when its creators transformed them into a multi-device platform. Today ROBLOX can be played on a PC, a MAC, iOS and Android phones and tablets, and Xbox One consoles.

roblox for pc

In 2017 the game had 54 million monthly players and almost surpassed Minecraft that had 55 million.

The game today is a monster, and the most incredible thing is that Roblox pay a lot of money to its users through it.

How to make money in Roblox?

If you create a user profile in Roblox, you can play in a matter of minutes. And if you dare, you can also create your own game, with its laws and objects, with your personal touch from a computer. You can place your creation in a kind of App Store, and the other users will be able to play it. If you like them and you manage to persuade them to use their robots within your universe, you will earn money. It’s that simple, that’s true.

In July of this year, ROBLOX announced that in 2017 it would be paying more than 30 million dollars to the various developers who have created games for the platform. An 18-year-old named Alex Balfanz and creator of “Jailbreak” earned more than $ 3 million. The obligatory question: is it easy to do it?

ROBLOX offers its users the ROBLOX Studio, the platform that you will use to create your games, as well as some video tutorials that will help you learn how to develop them. But like any enterprise, it requires dedication, time and effort. Of planning. Of Patience. Of a learning curve.

But ROBLOX today is a reality, and more than a game is a real entrepreneurial platform.